Design tips for your Moodle course.

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Add an Image in Moodle with a Border and Rounded Corners

Learn how to add an image in Moodle with rounded corners and a border with any colour.

Add and Edit Files in Book Activity in Moodle (e.g. PDF or Word)

If you are creating Moodle book activities as part of your course content then being able to embed files such as PDFs into chapters can be a useful tool. Here we look at how to attach files and link to them as well as how to modify and delete files.

Add Icons and Emojis in your Moodle Course Design

Use Emojis and Fontawesome Icons to animate the content of your Moodle Course pages. Beyond the smiley faces and thumbs up are useful graphics that can be used to create rich design in your courses that follow Universal Design for Learning principles.

Add Subheadings in Moodle Using Labels

Use labels in your Moodle shell to create organizational subheadings in your online course page.

Add UI Elements to Moodle Courses for Improved Design and Usability

You can enhance the appearance and interactivity of your Moodle content by utilizing certain user interface (UI) elements. These reusable UI elements can be easily added using the Moodle editor, and they utilize a mixture of Bootstrap and FontAwesome.These elements are already integrated into Moodle so editing is a breeze.

Get Re-usable UI elements for Moodle:

Creating, Reorganising & Editing Topics in Moodle

If you are working in the Collapsed Topics format for your course then this instructional video will give you a quick overview of how to added edit, duplicate, rename and re-order your topics.

Embed & Align Images with Advanced Design Attributes in Moodle

If you want to float images left or right, add images with quotes and do this all with free-to-use content from sites like Pexels, Unsplash, Flickr or YouTube then this image embedder from @BirdyOz will make this process simple and easy.

Get Attribution Maker -

Record a Course Intro Video with Kaltura in Moodle

Learn how to use Kaltura Express Capture to record an intro video for your course in Moodle.