How to reset password for OC accounts?

Step 1

Open a Private or Incognito window for your preferred web browser(Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Go to any of the following website.

Note: Current students, staff and faculty can also reset their password using from any of these sites as well.
You will need to click on the Sign In/Log In buttons.

Step 2

Enter your college email address
Students will be the following format
Staff/Faculty will be this format first name initial and then last name with no dot followed by Example

Click on NEXT

Step 3


Step 4

Fill in the Captcha.
Note: it is not case sensitive.
You can click the Refresh button if the Captcha is too difficult to read

Then click NEXT

Step 5

You can pick your method of Multi Factor Authentication. 
If you get an error at the screen you will need to reach out to IT Services to verify your account and get assistance setting MFA methods

Step 6

Set your new password. 

Important Note: New password should be at least 8 digits long with 1 Number, 1 sign, 1 upper-case and lower-case letter.
This password will be valid for My
Moodle, MS Office, OC Email, and MyOkanagan accounts

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