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Learn how to stop an assignment affecting a final grade in your Moodle class. This is useful if you want to create learning quizzes or course orientation tasks that are graded or that might be marked complete/incomplete.
Change the date & time a quiz will open and close. This is useful when you are replicating courses from semester-to-semester.
Moodle is an online learning platform. It allows students to access course materials, gain feedback, upload work, see grades and much more all by logging in to their very own online account. It may be used as a primary point of contact for online classes or as a supplement to traditional classroom lectures. All work is stored and accessible from home or on-campus.
Learn how to add an image in Moodle with rounded corners and a border with any colour.
Use Emojis and Fontawesome Icons to animate the content of your Moodle Course pages. Beyond the smiley faces and thumbs up are useful graphics that can be used to create rich design in your courses that follow Universal Design for Learning principles.
Linking two groups of students taking the same course you are teaching into one Moodle shell, known as Meta Linking, can be a time-saving strategy for updating and maintaining consistency across both groups.
Keeping a backup of your course content will allow you to save those files outside of Moodle on your Okanagan College OneDrive folder.
If you need to share a Zoom meeting recording with your students then this video will show you step-by-step how to do this.
Use filter codes to personalize each students experience of your Moodle course.
Learn how to view all assignment and quiz deadlines in one place in Moodle. This is the best way to review when you have coursework due.
Do you ever find strange spacing between your questions in Moodle? This quick tutorial will guide through how to fix your your answers so they line up beautifully.
Get started with Kaltura Classroom quickly and learn how to upload files, present a PowerPoint or PDF as well as how to stream a YouTube video in your class.
If you are switching from Collaborate to Kaltura for your online meeting room then these steps show you how to add a simple button to the homepage of your Moodle shell.
This series of screencasts takes you through set up and course building basics for Moodle 3.9 at Okanagan College.
If you cannot find your course then here are a few tips that answer some of the common questions.