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This series of screencasts takes you through set up and course building basics for Moodle at Okanagan College.
Learn how to add a page in your course with text, images and video.
Group multiple grade items together so that they have a combined weight.
Keeping a backup of your course content will allow you to save those files outside of Moodle on your Okanagan College OneDrive folder.
Learn how to restore a backup of a course in Moodle 4.1 from an MBZ download backup whilst at the same time deleting all the content currently in the shell.
Here we look at how to screen record with Kaltura Capture in Moodle 4.1. You will learn how to install the Kaltura Capture desktop software, record and to embed your video into your course.
Students-Getting started, the first steps for new Students.
Learn how to add and format text, lists, create quotes and how to embed video in Moodle.
How to export instructor question banks from F.A. Davis Books into Moodle.
Export publisher question banks from Elsevier Evolve and into Moodle.
Would you like students to be able to review their answers after a quiz has closed? Follow these steps.
Do you ever find strange spacing between your questions in Moodle? This quick tutorial will guide through how to fix your your answers so they line up beautifully.
Change the date & time a quiz will open and close. This is useful when you are replicating courses from semester-to-semester.
Tips and resources for setting up the inclusion of publisher resources in lockdown browser.
Learn how to change basic settings, upload your syllabus as well as how to create and reorganise activities and resources.