Tips and tutorials for working with Moodle, Kaltura and other tools.

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A collection of tips and tutorials for those working with Moodle.

Support videos for Kaltura Virtual Classroom and Kaltura Video. These easy-to-use online teaching tools are purposely built for online instruction and sharing content seamlessly within Moodle.

Learn how to set up and course in Moodle 3.9.

Looking for support with other educational technology tools like Zoom & in class Smart Boards.

From the Learning & Applied Research Bi-Weekly Newsletter some of the cool tools that have been featured.

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Pinned Article Moodle Course Building Series

This series of screencasts takes you through set up and course building basics for Moodle 3.9 at Okanagan College.

Moodle for Students

Moodle is an online learning platform. It allows students to access course materials, gain feedback, upload work, see grades and much more all by logging in to their very own online account. It may be used as a primary point of contact for online classes or as a supplement to traditional classroom lectures. All work is stored and accessible from home or on-campus.

Screen Recording a Presentation on a Mac

Recommended tools for recording a presentation on your Mac so that you can upload it to Moodle as a submission or presentation to students.

Outlook Mail Forwading so Students Receive Online Course Communication

How to setup email forwarding in myOkanagan to ensure students receive course communications.