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Ancillary and Business Services

Services offered by Ancillary and Business Services. This includes:
Printing Requests
Photo ID Requests

College Relations

Website content change requests and website editor requests


Services offered by Facilities Management

IT Services

For all IT related requests. This includes, general IT assistance, software and hardware orders, accounts, and more.

To find a request form for a specific service, you can browse the appropriate category or use the search function at the top of the page.

If the specific service you are looking for doesn't exist, use the "General Service Request" service at the bottom of the page.

LAR - Moodle Support - Teaching & Learning - Research

Review the list of services offered by Learning & Applied Research or submit a support request to the LAR team.

Request Moodle Support
Direct Line: 250-862-5461
Internal extension: 5461

Hours | Monday-Friday | 8:00am - 4:30pm

Moodle, Kaltura & Educational Technology Knowledge Base
Tutorials and support articles for Moodle and other Educational Technologies.

LAR myPD Workshops
Upcoming virtual and in-person workshops designed to support the continuous development of skills in the areas of teaching, learning and educational technology.

Safety, Security, & Emergency Management

First Aid Reports, Report Safety Issues, Fill in required forms

Enrolment Services

Services offered by Enrolment Services