Service Catalog

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Ancillary and Business Services

Services offered by Ancillary and Business Services. This includes:
Printing Requests
Photo ID Requests

College Relations

Website content change requests and website editor requests


Services offered by Facilities Management

IT Services

IT Services at Okanagan College provide comprehensive technological support to students, faculty, and staff. From maintaining network infrastructure to offering software assistance and troubleshooting hardware issues, the IT Services team ensures a seamless digital experience across campuses. They also facilitate access to online learning platforms and provide cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information. With a focus on innovation and reliability, IT Services plays a crucial role in supporting Okanagan College's mission of academic excellence and technological advancement.

LAR & EdTech

Support for Moodle, Kaltura, professional development and workshops.

Safety, Security, & Emergency Management

First Aid Reports, Report Safety Issues, Fill in required forms

Enrolment Services

Services offered by Enrolment Services