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A short tutorial that shows how to upload a video to any page of your Moodle course using Kaltura. You will also learn how to download and edit the automatically generated captions the Kaltura creates.
A quick introduction to how you can add a guest presenter in Kaltura Classroom. You will learn how to share the classroom link, how to change your Kaltura settings as well as tips for presenting online.
Download Kaltura or YouTube captions from your videos to repurpose them to a blog post or other deliverable. We look at how to extract an editable Word Document from an SRT file as well as removing the word file.
If you are having issues connecting to a Kaltura Meeting Room then enabling your browser to use third party cookies may be part of the solution.
When something goes wrong with Kaltura Classroom it is important to log a report with Kaltura so that they can investigate.
If you need to share a Zoom meeting recording with your students then this video will show you step-by-step how to do this.
Need to teach a class online or want to include students who are unable to attend due to weather or illness? These 3 tools allow you to quickly involve remote participants in your teaching.
Do you ever find strange spacing between your questions in Moodle? This quick tutorial will guide through how to fix your your answers so they line up beautifully.
Get started with Kaltura Classroom quickly and learn how to upload files, present a PowerPoint or PDF as well as how to stream a YouTube video in your class.
If you are switching from Collaborate to Kaltura for your online meeting room then these steps show you how to add a simple button to the homepage of your Moodle shell.
Do you need to record a quick lecture the that you can quickly embed into your Moodle course? Kaltura Express Capture can help you do that. By recording using Express Capture your videos can be instantly embedded in a course shell.
Do you need to embed Kaltura videos in your Moodle Shell? This step-by-step video shows you how.
How to publish video in your My Media to multiple courses. This also shows how to add a new collaborator to a video to.
Needs to share a Kaltura video with another teacher so they can use it ini their Moodle Course Shell. Here we look at how to add collaborators to a video so they can share and edit videos created by someone else.
Play YouTube videos in your Kaltura Classroom in the main presentation room and breakout rooms.