How to Add Printer?

Step 1

Windows search “Printer” to locate the Printers and Scanners App.

(Press Windows Start key, then start typing "Printers" 

Step 2

Click “Add a printer or scanner”.  Then select “The Printer I want isn’t listed” (if shown)

Otherwise, make sure the list box shows "Work or School printer..."


Step 3 

Printer names are Campus-Building-Room-unit  

V-A-311-1    Vernon-Administration-RM311-unit1 

Kelowna-Health-RM118-unit2   would be   K-H-118-2 

You will start by typing in the first few letters of the printer name.

To force it to update, click Refresh.

Step 4 

From the list of printers, select the one you want.

Click Add Device.

Step 5 

You will see a message saying Connecting. Please be patient as this can take a little while to get started.

Then you may see a message stating Installing...

Step 5 

Once the ready message appears, the printer is ready for use!


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