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myOkanagan - Students

myOkanagan is the online portal that lets students register for courses, access exam schedules, and view transcripts and grades. It's the starting point for online services.

myOkanagan is our administrative portal to register for classes whereas Moodle is our learning portal for classes you are already registered in or for attending online classes.

Use myOkanagan to:

  • Alter your contact information, including preferred email address or change emergency contacts
  • Make online payments
  • View account records
  • Add or drop classes
  • View class and exam schedules
  • Get your registration history and status
  • Order Transcripts
  • Access tax forms - T2202
  • Apply to graduate.


Student Union Health & Dental

Find links to your Student Union Health and Dental plans or campus 'wellness' links.

Student Resource Links

Financial Aid & Award Links

Accessibility Links

M365 Office download link

Course Registration Help

Find numerous videos on 'how-to' do common registration and administration tasks.

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  • All students are provided a myOkanagan email address usually in the form If there are multiple students with the same first/last name subsequent usernames will have a numeric digital added after the lastname such as

    Your myOkanagan email address is used as a username for

  • myOkanagan
  • Moodle
  • M365 (Office products as well as accessing your email itself)
  • login to college lab computers


An applicant may only have access to myOkanagan and will not have access to other services until after the first course registration. Alumni may also have restricted access.

The password is the SAME for all of the above accounts.


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