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Basic Gradebook Setup Using Categories

Learn how to balance the grades in your gradebook using categories as well as tips for moving around, hiding and managing grade book item weights.

Change Multiple Empty Grades to Zero & Enter Group Marks & Feedback in Moodle

If you have empty grades where you need to enter a Zero so that grades are aggregated correctly and for the 'drop lowest grade function' or you need to enter marks for group projects then this easy to follow tutorial goes through both step-by-step.

Course Total Grade Column Missing in Moodle Gradebook - Easy Fix

If you are missing the 'Course total' grade column in your Moodle gradebook then this short tutorial will show you how to get it back.

Create Moodle assignment or quiz that does not affect the final grade (e.g. course orientation task)

Learn how to stop an assignment affecting a final grade in your Moodle class. This is useful if you want to create learning quizzes or course orientation tasks that are graded or that might be marked complete/incomplete.

Delete Exams or Quizzes from Gradebook in Moodle

Learn how to remove quizzes and exams from gradebook in Moodle.

Duplicate Assignments & Managing Gradebook in Moodle

If you are duplicating old assignments to review them or refresh them for the redelivery of a course then managing your gradebook so marks from your old quizzes don't interfere with the weighting of grades is critical.