Looking for support with other educational technology tools like Zoom & in class Smart Boards.

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Create a new OneNote Class Notebook

OneNote Class Notebooks can be used as a personal workspace students in your class for sharing course materials, participation activities and collaboration. You can add a list of students by using their @myokanagan.bc.ca e-mail address.

Export an MP4 Video File from a Zoom Meeting Recording

Learn how to export a Zoom meeting recording so that it can be uploaded to a different platform or so a lecture recording can be edited.

Remove Sections from a Lecture or Recording in Zoom

If you need to remove a section or sections from a video in Zoom after you have completed the recording then here we run through things step-by-step.

Screen Recording a Presentation on a Mac

Recommended tools for recording a presentation on your Mac so that you can upload it to Moodle as a submission or presentation to students.

Video Editing - Add Type with Background & Border to DaVinci Resolve

Learn how to add a type box, with background and border on your timeline in the free video editor DaVinci Resolve.

Video Editing - Create a Rectangle Highlight Box in DaVinci Resolve

Learn how to create rectangular highlight box in DaVinci Resolve.

Zoom for Teaching Online

Need to teach a class online or want to include students who are unable to attend due to weather or illness? These 3 tools allow you to quickly involve remote participants in your teaching.