Tutorials and resources of our current version of Moodle.

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Moodle 4.1 Tutorials

A collection of useful instructional resources for Moodle 4.1.

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Pinned Article Moodle 4.1 - An Introductory Overview of Key Features

An overview of Moodle 4.1 including how to navigate, access key features and create content.

LAR Moodle 4.1 Testing Program Registration

Use this form to register to for LAR's Moodle 4.1 testing program. If you are excited to explore Moodle 4.1 then register now to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

Moodle 4.1 is coming on December 23rd 2023

The timeline and FAQ for the Moodle 4.1 upgrade that will take place on December 23rd 2023.

Support & Training

Our LAR team is here to make this transition as smooth as possible, and we will be responding to feedback and questions following the upgrade. Please visit MyPD for information on upcoming workshops and support services or visit this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the upcoming launch of Moodle 4.1.