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MFA is a technology designed to enhance the security of the identity validation process.

Your identity information is your user name, which is validated by your password (first factor of authentication).

Okanagan College will be requiring an additional factor by way of an application on your mobile device or a hardware token.

There are three factors that can be considered when multi-factor authentication is involved, and two of the three items must be able to be verified. The three things are as follows

  • Something you know (like a password)
  • Something you have (like a mobile device, or a hardware token)
  • Something you are (like your facial pattern, or your fingerprint)

In order to have a successful MFA login two (or in some cases all three) factors must be use to verify your identity.



  • There is no cost associated with this service. 

Service Level

IT Services will process any request with 3 business days

MFA – Steps to Set Up a Hardware Token

  1. Request a MFA Hardware Token via this service request

  • If you don’t have a mobile device or are unable to use one for MFA, using a hardware token would be an alternative. A hardware token is a small device that displays the 6-digit codes for logging into MFA

  1. Once your token is ready for pick-up, the Help Desk will notify you via email

  2. Upon picking up your token, the Help Desk will activate your token and assist you in turning on MFA​​​​​

  3. On your desktop or laptop computer, go to and sign in using your Microsoft 365 login credentials

  4. Push the button on the back of your hardware token to display a 6-digit MFA code. Type in the code shown on the token display

  5. Select "Continue" to proceed to the final step of your MFA enrollment


Congratulations!  MFA will be protecting your OC M365 account


If you need technical support with this process, contact the IT Help Desk.Always remember to keep your hardware token with you as you may be prompted to verify using a digital code on the hardware token during future sign-ins to your account.

Thank you for helping OC secure our data and protect our users. 


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