ARGOS installation

This article will show you how to get your system ready for you to use ARGOS.

Step 1

Open the CompanyPortal. It is found through Start, CompanyPortal

Step 2

Select Evisions Application from the Apps menu on the left side


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 3

Press install.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 4

Once installation is completed, please use the evisions eLauncher in a web browser to go to Argos -evisions eLauncher

Step 5

When the page starts up, you will see the following:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Click 'Use Single Sign-On'. This will use your OC network account to sign into the system.

Step 6

Select ‘Argos’ on the following page to launch the Argos application. Argos will open automatically; you will not be required to log in again.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Sessions will expire (and users will be logged out of Argos) if there has been no activity for 30 minutes. You will receive a warning with an option to extend the session two minutes prior to being logged out.

If your session has expired, you can log back in using the evisions eLauncher as described above. - evisions eLauncher


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