Microsoft 365 Outlook - Quarantined Email

M365 Outlook - Quarantined email

M365's Outlook / Exchange Online Protection will automatically scan incoming email for bulk, spam, phishing and malware (viruses) and automatically quarantine suspicious emails preventing them from appearing in your Inbox. The system will notify you of these suspicious packages and give you opportunity release items the algorithm may have misidentified or permanently block the sender.

M365 Security Message

If the automatic scan of incoming email detects what it considers a malware email it will place the item in quarantine and block the message from appearing in your Inbox. Instead you will receive an email from "M365 Security" - the email will appears something like this:

Sample M365 Security message - Email Quarantine


You then have 15 days to Release the email to your Inbox - you personally are certifying it's safe and are overriding the system or you can Block the sender for this and future emails.

By following the "by going to the Quarantine page" link in the email you can have further choices including 'unblocking' senders you have mistakenly blocked.

Quarantine Procedure

As the process is dependant on the current version of M365 we refer you to Microsoft's Support pages for step-by-step instructions...

M365 Release Quarantined Email

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