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Okanagan College departments can purchase, assign, and renew cell phones and options via the Rogers self-help portals.

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Access and training will be provided as part of the IT account maintenance request process.  To request access, please work with the Executive Assistant or Manager in your area and have them request Rogers portal access.


Portal 1 - https://bss.rogers.com/

This portal page is for performing the following functions:

Cell Phone Reports 

  • Reporting on or viewing charges and usage details

Cell Phone Account Maintenance

  • Changing cell phone subscriber names
  • Changing numbers
  • Changing sim card
  • Voicemail mailbox setup and passwords
  • Adding Travel Packs
  • Viewing device and contract information


Portal 2 - https://secure2.rogersdirect.ca/

This portal page is for performing the following functions:

  • Buying a new phone for a new person
  • Upgrading a phone for an existing person
  • Purchasing Accessories like chargers and cases
  • Please remember to update the shipping address to your department



IT Services will bill back all purchases to the respective departments



IT Services is happy to help with the following:

  • Setup of phone to connect to wi-fi
  • Setup of phone with the Outlook App and connection to email
  • Setup of Microsoft Authenticator and multi-factor authentication integration



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