Quick Reference: Student Logins

A User ID and password are required to access OC services and platforms.


User ID 

User IDs either begin with your 9-digit student number (e.g. 300xxxxxx) followed by a suffix


Your OC student email address (e.g. John.Smith@myokanagan.bc.ca)

Service User ID
Lab Computer Login Email Address : ie.) John.Smith@myokanagan.bc.ca
Outlook | office.com Email Address : ie.) John.Smith@myokanagan.bc.ca
Parking permit purchase Email Address : ie.) John.Smith@myokanagan.bc.ca
eduroam wireless 300xxxxxx@okanagan.bc.ca
myOkanagan portal 300xxxxxx@stu.oc
mymoodle.okanagan.bc.ca 300xxxxxx@stu.oc



Your password remains the same regardless of the service being accessed.


Password Reset

From myOkanagan, select “Change password” and follow the prompts:


In the event of an error, contact the IT Helpdesk to reset if needed. 
IT Services | Okanagan College


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